Rub Some Voodoo On It

The Falcon Awesome debug EP titled “Rub Some Voodoo On It” was released on 5/20/2016 and is available from all major digital distribution outlets and streaming services.

This EP captures that feel and groove of vintage tunes written in the analog era where songs had to be played and perfected before walking into the studio. Instead of relying on digital tools to auto-tune, time-correct, and otherwise digitally create music, we did it the old-fashioned way: we played our hearts out in a small rehearsal space until the song was ready.

The haunting opening riff of Knick Knack kicks off the EP in a style that promises you’ll hit the REPEAT button once or twice before going on to the next tracks. Not Anymore rolls on the power over singer Jason Tomascik’s evocative lyrics. Song In My Soul is the surprise introspective tune in the middle of the EP, which is followed up by the infectious Smile which brings home a feel-good groove that feels right at home being blasted at maximum volume while driving.

Come Get Some is a rare treat: a look into the live workings of a band actively writing a song. This song was never intended to be released, and the recording as included on the EP was a live recording taken during the writing process. The adlib lyrics and surprise turnaround at the end (“Please stop looking at me”) caught a moment when guitarist Michael Errion noticed Jason was staring at him (in Jason’s defense, he was just trying to give him a nod to let him know the chorus was coming up), and decided to goof with him.

Even though it was a raw live track (which had to be bleeped in the middle) and a bit noisy, it was a lightning-in-a-bottle moment that got funnier everytime we listened to it, so we thought it would make a great bonus track on the EP.

You can find Rub Some Voodoo On It on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, Rhapsody, and most major outlets.